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fire magic –
a fairy tale


The Seventies: IT BEGINS

Seeing the light of day in the darkness of the longest night of the year, one day after the full moon, an astrological fire sign.

The Eighties: IT DEVELOPS

Philosophical education and practical training on becoming a human being, including the aspects of internal and external revolution with passion and drive, as well as literature studies and creative writing as an independent author.

The Nineties: IT MOVES

Auto-didactical training in the circus arts, focusing on different disciplines of juggling, as well as dance. Making a significant contribution to building up of one of the largest self-organized culture factories in Germany. Discovering Europe as a stage for the fine (open-air) arts. Performances, festivals, variety and gala-shows as a performer and director/organizer as well. Working with installations, street-performances / -art, fine arts, cirque nouveau, modern juggling, with a focus on connection, fusion and interdisciplinary collaborations, theatre in the public space, street shows and writing. Establishing carpe noctem production with Michael Berg in 1998.

The Twothousands: IT ROCKS

“fire-magic - a fairy-tale“ - on the road - since 2001

"fire-solo"                     - on the road - since 2004
- on the road - with carpe noctem production - projcets:
"feuerstimmungen" (“fiery moods”) fire-show ( 3 - 5 players)
"firegarden" fire- & art-area for (street-theatre) festivals - show-organisation,
large productions and choreographies with up to 50 players
"luminous" - installations and illuminations, including performances
for parks and squares

since 2001 partner in the agency "Künstlervermittlung M. Berg":
booking artists of all genres for private and corporate events, as well as creative, event-design focusing on kleinkunst and street-theatre; co-designing and designing of (supporting) programms for indoor and outdoor events of all sizes, also internationally.
Additional training in cultural management:
certified manager at the Leibniz University Hannover in 2008

2010 and further: IT CONTINUES

maren eisler: Let me entertain you!